Managed Documents Solutions

Enterprise Content Management (ECM), or Document Management, is a cost-effective solution that improves the storage, management, and monitoring of documents relating to everyday business processes.

Enterprise Content Management software can benefit any organisation looking to increase efficiency, and with your records digitally secured, it’s easy to protect them against theft, fire, or natural disaster while ensuring the business continues as usual.

The benefits of Document Management / Content Management

  • Track, manage, and store documents, and maintain POPI compliance.
  • Enjoy effortless digital conversion of your paper documents for sharing, collaboration, and simpler management.
  • Store your documents in a central repository for immediate access to your staff and management teams, anytime, anywhere.
  • Find any file you’re looking for with powerful ECM search capabilities
  • Eliminate your paper-based filing systems, eliminate off-site storage costs, and use your office space more effectively with digital document storage and management

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Electronic Content Management



Our solution is the low-effort alternative to traditional scanning. With one click, approved users can scan, digitize, format, store, tag, route, and optimize all your documents. Not all data capture workflows are the same. We fit the way you work with paper and electronic documents, whether in the office or on the road. Capture from multifunction, network, and desktop scanning equipment.

Streamlined, secure workflows

Intuitive, drag-and-drop workflow automation. Route your documents, and securely send them to their required destination. Capture both electronic and paper documents as well as data from any source you prefer.

AR Codes and QR Code scanning

We can extract information from 1D and 2D barcodes to use in the metadata or add barcodes into scanned documents for easier processing later on.

Form Recognition

Form recognition automatically recognizes each document and processes it using the correct template. Form recognition automates and simplifies this process for you.