Professional managed IT Services that allow your business to work better.

Even though technology is disruptive by nature, this doesn’t mean that it needs to interrupt your business. Link Up enables you to grow your business and improve your operations with our IT managed services.
With state-of-the-art tools, we monitor your current environment more effectively, providing you with a modernized IT support structure filling the gaps and identifying potential issues and risks.

We connect your organisation to exceptional services, best-in-class tools, and experts in ICT to make sure your connection to your customers stays on.


Core Services

PROMOTION: Managed ICT Services

Receive a FREE Virtual Pbx extension when signing up for our Managed IT Services. This includes unlimited remote support, pro-active responses, and device analytics.

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*FREE Cyber Security Assessment

From Vulnerability scans, mitigation reports and penetration testing, make sure your organisation or personal network is secure from cyber attacks.

Know your cyber security status and let us help you protect what matters.

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Managed ICT Services

No more one size fits all. Tailored arrangements and solutions that are crafted to your business needs.
We craft fit-for-purpose solutions through innovative technology, and give you direct access to an IT consultant to help you on your new journey.


Microsoft Office

Whether in or out of the office, with the full suite of Microsoft Apps, you’ll have the advantage of having access to everything you require to keep your business moving forward, while giving employees the same benefits of working on the go.


Virtual Business Office

Creating a virtual workspace where your employees have access to all the tools they need to work anytime, from anywhere. By migrating to cloud-based services, your modernised infrastructure will enable your business to be more efficient, compliant, agile and mobile.


Cyber Security

Giving you a birds-eye view and complete control over your business and personal online environment.
Our team of experts are well versed and experienced in multiple sectors to ensure you are safe from cyber attack risks such as data breaches and malware.


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Link-Up ICT is a group of skilled individuals, send us a message on any of our products and services and we will get back to you shortly.

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Our hardware and software partners for end-to-end services and solutions


Why choose Link-Up

Link-Up is there to ensure that your business grows with the latest technology and to ensure that it runs smoothly. Through understanding your strategy, and partnering with our customers, we provide value as we become an integral part of your core business process.

Link-Up works with – or as – your CIO, allowing you to have technical expertise on call, which enforces your core strategy.

Link-Up your Strategy

Your business IT strategy, management, and components in one managed solution.

Link-Up your Technology

We facilitate change management, engaging all stakeholders to ensure you have the correct technology mix to transition and support existing processes.

Link-Up your Stakeholders

We deliver value in time, productivity, and efficiency to improve shareholder confidence in your business.

Link-Up for Customer Satisfaction

Fewer interruptions and less downtime.

Link-Up your CIO

Link-Up ICT can be your CIO, or Provide Advisory Services to your CIO.

Link-Up your CFO

We work within your budget and consult with your CFO to ensure your ROI.


Core Members

The Link-Up ICT Team consists of a group of skilled individuals that are ready to assist with all your IT needs.