Cyber Security Services

As South Africa is one of the most hacked countries in the world, we place a massive emphasis on cyber security.

Link-Up offers peace of mind that your data and networks are safe from online attacks, your business keeps growing and your personal data stays personal.

Protecting the wellbeing of your business, and your personal data through tailored security solutions and state-of-the-art tools and years of expertise.

Cyber Security Assessment

Take advantage of our free assessment to establish your current status and vulnerability. Included, is a Vulnerability Scan, Mitigation Report, and Penetration Testing on up to 25 IP’s and 3 Servers or Applications.

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Our Technical services include:

Penetration testing

For this we use ethical hackers to establish how easy it is to get into your system. This is done in an authorized and simulated environment. Not to be confused with a vulnerability assessment.

Vulnerability Assessment

With a vulnerability assessment we scan and identify security weaknesses and flaws in your systems and software.

Web-Application Assessments

These are performed to assist in identifying weak authentication, insufficient error handling or sensitive information leakage.

Firewall Security Reviews

Find out just how strong your online security is with a full audit and vulnerability check. This scans your software configuration, your security policy and ensures that you are protected.

Database Security Reviews

To protect your database against industry benchmarks, we go through the configuration and amongst other checks, your user permission and privileges.

Network Security Assessments

This is an audit on the current security measures on your network. Through this we go through your network and find the vulnerabilities.

Social Engineering Assessment

With this test we don’t go to your system, but we go to your employees or even yourself. We test and identify real-world vulnerabilities from a human perspective.

Patch and Vulnerability Management

Once we’ve identified threats or weaknesses in your system, we offer a patch, or a set of changes to improve it. This includes fixing security vulnerabilities and other issues.

Cyber Incident Response / Investigations

It is like having a bodyguard for your data. We monitor and detect any security events and act swiftly in response to any incoming threat.

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Additional Services Include:

  • Virtual CISO / CSO Services
  • Cyber Security Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Information Privacy Audit (Including, POPIA & GDPR)
  • Regulatory & Compliance Readiness
  • Cyber Maturity Assessments
  • Cyber Crisis Planning & Readiness
  • Risk Advisory / Management Consulting
  • Strategy & Programme Management
  • Cyber Security Training & Awareness
  • Business Analysis